April Jobs

April is a very busy time in the garden, a rush to get things sown and planted as the warmer weather arrives. The Spring bulbs are now in full flow and everything is moving apace as the soil warms and temperatures climb.

Under Cover

• Sowings made in March can be continued and more tender crops can be started now with the right protection. Cucumbers, tomatoes, beans etc can all be sown in early April with protection if frost threatens.

• Remember to harden off all plants raised under protection by moving them out of the greenhouse during the day or even into a cold frame if you have one.

• Be careful watering, don’t let compost dry out but don’t over water as seeds may rot if temperatures fall.

• Start to prepare beds, growbags for tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers.

On the Plot

• Easter is traditionally potato planting time but with Easter a late this year first and second earlies can go in the ground as soon as it’s starting to warm. Potatoes can be grown in bags also if room is tight, just stop the compost drying out.

• Continue to hand weed around any Autumn sown crops such as Japanese Onion sets and Broad Beans.

• The fruit garden should be tidied and mulched.  Apply wood ash around soft fruit plants to give them a boost.

• Prepare beanpoles over the trench filled with kitchen waste over winter.

• Use cloches to protect sowings.  Continue to sow carrots and parsnips direct along with beetroot, rocket and radish.  Plant out onion sets.

In the Garden

• If you haven’t already done so mow the lawn.  Keep the blades high to avoid scalping, collect the clippings and apply feed to invigorate the grass.

• Pot up purchased summer bedding plants or grow from seed. 

• Prepare soil for planting summer flowers such as Dahlias.

• Apply liquid feed to spring bulbs as they are storing energy for next year’s display.


Winter vegetables are pretty much finished now and this is the so called hungry-gap.  Purple sprouting broccoli and spring greens are a welcome harvest at this time of year before the summer crops get going.

If you have any suggestions for April jobs please add them to the comments on this post.

Purple sprouting broccoli can be a welome harvest at this time if year.

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